Baguette – Mecatherm Pans

Replace Silicone Elastomer or other inferior coatings with BCS Baguette Series of coating systems.

• We can rapidly recoat your existing screens or replace the old screens with a new aluminum insert, exactly matching your dimensions and perforation patterns.

• Sizes supported include all Mecatherm™  sizes including 600x800mm, 800x1200mm, 800x1600mm and 800x2000mm ” Mega” pans.

• No more peeling or bare spots from worn silicone coatings.

• Up to 10,000 cycles of worry free baking production.

• Try our new Hidden Rivet Technology.

• Save as much as 200% versus silicone elastomer and 100% versus other underperforming fluoropolymer coatings.

• Coatings are resistant to cheese, onion or other toppings, and multigrain, sour, or other more aggressive doughs.

• Resistant to blast freezing for par-baked product.

• All coatings are in compliance with FDA, CFIA and other food-contact regulatory agencies around the world and made PFOA free.

• RAPID lead times – get your pans back in days, not months.