The BCS & Teflon® Bakeware Coating Technologies are a tried and true solution for the North American baker. Consider that throughout the world: • There are over 5,000 production lines using BCS/Teflon® in over 1,000 satisfied customers bakeries • There are over 40,000 tons of dough baked EVERY DAY on BCS/Teflon® coated pans – without oil or any other release agents • There are over 1,800,000 BCS coated pans and straps in use.

The Benefits of BCS & Teflon® Coatings

LONGER LIFE THEN SILICONE GLAZE – Pans coated by BCS will give you on average about 8 to 12 times as many cycles as pans coated with silicone glaze. Many bakeries report achieving 3500 to 5000 cycles on their pans.

SAVE MONEY! – Some bakeries report saving as much as $44,000 PER LINE by switching from silicone glaze and/or oil to BCS &Teflon® coated pans.

COATING PAYS FOR ITSELF IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR – Your savings by using BCS will translate to the bottom line through savings associated with higher productivity, increased product flow, lower reject rates, lower labor costs, better equipment utilization, lower energy costs and many other benefits that can be demonstrated by your BCS applicator.

SAY GOODBYE TO “DOWNTIME” – Instead of reglazing pans every few weeks, some bakeries are able to run BCS coated pans for one year or more before requiring recoating.

GET RID OF THE OIL AND GREASE – The exceptional release property allows the baked product to come out easily without the need for any oil or grease. The reduction of the use of oil and grease helps keep the bakery environment, electrical components, and ovens cleaner.

REDUCE PRODUCTION REJECTS – By using BCS&Teflon®, you will achieve a higher quality product and create a longer shelf life of finished product. In addition, you will no longer have to tolerate the white rings or black carbonized spots that silicone glaze creates on your baked goods.


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