“Cost / Benefit Analysis”

This is the question that you, the commercial baker, should be asking right now. By using BCS coatings, you WILL save substantial amounts of money that will translate directly to the bottom line.
The chart below, using some relatively simple assumptions, shows how much “hard costs” are saved by using BCS & Teflon® as opposed to silicone glaze and/or oil.

(Holding uncoated pan cost constant, for a set of 2000 pans)

Considering purchase price and ongoing costs, pans coated with BCS non-stick materials
are significantly less expensive on a per cycle basis. In addition:

* No grease or oil is needed
* Safer working environment without slipperly floors
* Less pan handling, hence less pan damage and repair costs
* More consistent product quality, no black specks from carbonized oil
* Oiling stations and their maintenance are eliminated
* Less fire risks, no carbonized oil in the ovens
* Longer pan lives due to less frequent stripoff and recoating
* Longer product shelf life without the release oil or grease 

– Source: DuPont®


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