Bread Pans

Replace Silicone Glaze and oil or other release agents with a lower cost, environmentally friendly solution.

• Your pans, as well as your entire bakery, will be cleaner without the oil spray going everywhere.

• Removal of oil or other release agents prevents carbon buildup in the oven.

• A cleaner pan will reduce cripples and wasted product.

• Delivers 25% more releases than any other bread pan coating on the market today.

• BCS Bread Pan coatings deliver as many as 12 times the life of silicone glaze for a fraction of the cycle cost.

• Your savings translate directly to the bottom line through increased product flow, lower rejects rates, lower energy costs, lower oil consumption and lower administrative and handling costs.

• All coatings are in compliance with FDA and other food-contact regulatory agencies around the world and made PFOA free.

• Custom engineered coatings for your unique applications including the whole wheat, multi-grain, pretzel bread, gluten-free, egg wash, and any other “sticky” dough.

• Generates superior dough flow for a perfect bake every time.

• RAPID lead times – get your pans back in days, not months.